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Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!
Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!

Recipe Archive

  • Fennel and Citrus Salad
    March 24, 2021

    Fennel and Citrus Salad

    I love fennel a LOT. This is one of my favorite salads because it is so beautiful, so fresh and really showcases the last of the winter citrus with the crisp, crunchy ribbons of sweet fennel bulb! 

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  • Mushroom Tacos!
    March 7, 2021

    Mushroom Tacos!

    This year I started marinating and roasting mushrooms for the first time. The result is incredible! They absorb flavor like little sponges and when roasted at a high heat in the oven, they get deeply crispy. These mushroom tacos have...

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  • Pacific Northwest Dumplings
    February 28, 2021

    Pacific Northwest Dumplings

    Every culture has their dumpling: the ravioli, the pierogi, the soup dumpling, the pelemeni... it's about time we had our own! These dumplings are inspired by both the pierogi and the Japanese gyoza. We used Lonesome Whistle Hard Red Wheat...

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  • Pot Pie From Scratch
    January 17, 2021

    Pot Pie From Scratch

    There are few things more satisfying and delicious than a crispy crusted, veggie loaded pot pie. This recipe has been practiced and honed and I hope that you love it as much I do. The subtle addition of miso paste...

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  • Root Veggie Fries with Fennel Pollen Salt
    January 6, 2021

    Root Veggie Fries with Fennel Pollen Salt

    It is a dreary time of year, one that is made brighter by the warmth, scents and flavors that can emerge from our kitchens. This recipes is from Shelley, who brilliantly combined the earthy, tender flavors of winter (celeriac) with...

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