Delivery Details

Two order periods each week:

*Orders placed by Wednesday midnight are delivered on Friday between 12 and 6 PM.

*Orders placed by Sunday midnight are delivered on Tuesday between 12 and 6 PM. 

If you order on: We fulfill your order on the following:
Sunday Tuesday
Monday Friday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday

Your order confirmation email will include your pickup/delivery day and location.  Please check your email and contact us if you're not sure when or where to receive your order!

    Pick up details:

    Free pick up from a drop site. You'll receive the drop site address in your confirmation email.  Drop site orders arrive in an enclosed tote. Please bring your own bag or box and transfer your order- leave the tote on site!

    Current drop sites and access notes:
    River Road  |  Park & Walnut  |  2:30- 7:30pm | ADA accessible driveway

    Whiteaker  |  Hummingbird Stellaria Building  |  2:45- 7:00pm | In parking lot, ADA accessible

    Friendly  |  21st & Van Buren |  3:45- 7:30pm | Paved driveway

    South Eugene  |  37th & Willamette  |  4:00- 7:30pm | Paved, steep driveway

    University  |  Maude Kerns Art Center  |  4:15- 7:30pm |  

    Springfield  |  10th and D St  |  4:30- 7:30pm | Paved to front porch, small step 

    Please note: If you do not pick up your order within the drop site’s hours, your order is considered forfeit with no refund. 24 hour cancellation is required.


    Delivery details:

      $10 home delivery charge to qualifying zip codes in the Eugene / Springfield area.

      Orders over $75 get FREE home delivery to the Eugene / Springfield area!

      We will deliver to your shipping address between 12pm and 6pm.  We will leave your order in a paper bag or box (depending on size) outside your front door, unless you leave any other instructions in the “notes” section of your order.


      Covid-19 Safety Information:

      We are following state and federal guidelines on food safety, delivery and sanitation. Local produce is rarely “ready to eat” like supermarket clamshells may claim. As always, wash your produce before consuming. COVID is not known to be a food-borne illness.

      To prevent contamination and/or sickness due to COVID-19, wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after handling delivery packages. Our staff is on heightened alert and practicing extreme food handling precautions. We sanitize all totes and food contact surfaces before delivery. All food handling and delivery staff are wearing masks and gloves. Take all precautions to thoroughly wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after picking up your order. Always wash your produce before consuming.