Delivery Details

 Two weekly order/delivery periods

*Orders placed by Wednesday midnight are delivered on Friday between 2 and 6 PM.
*Orders placed by Sunday midnight are delivered on Tuesday between 2 and 6 PM. 

    Free pick up from a drop site. Drop site orders are placed in an enclosed tote. Please bring your own bag and transfer your veggies into this bag. 

    $15 minimum order

    Current drop sites:

    Churchill (18th & Bailey Hill)
    Springfield (6th & Centennial)
    South Eugene (37th & Willamette)
    Friendly Street (J-Tea)
    River Road (Park & Walnut)
    Whiteaker (Equiano Tasting Room)
    Downtown (Noisette Pastry Kitchen)

      $10 home delivery charge to the Eugene / Springfield area.

      Orders over $75 get free home delivery to the Eugene / Springfield area!

      We will email you a confirmation at the end of each order period confirming your order and listing the exact drop site address. 

      Please note: If you do not pick up your order within the drop site’s hours, your order is considered forfeit with no refund. 24 hour cancellation is required.

      Covid-19 Safety Information:

      We are following executive orders on food safety, delivery and sanitation. Local produce is rarely “ready to eat” like supermarket clamshells may claim. As always, wash your produce before consuming. COVID is not known to be a food-borne illness.

      To prevent contamination and/or sickness due to COVID-19, wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after handling delivery packages. Our staff is on heightened alert and practicing extreme food handling precautions. We sanitize all totes and food contact surfaces before delivery. All food handling and delivery staff are wearing masks and gloves. Take all precautions to thoroughly wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after picking up your order. Always wash your produce before consuming.

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