About Lane County Bounty

About Lane County Bounty

The offerings on this website are curated by people who care deeply about the quality of the food they eat and share. Collectively we are farmers, farm managers, chefs, farm groupies, and farmers market vendors. Cumulatively, we have decades of experience handling produce and being picky about it. We are proud to provide our customers with insanely fresh, gorgeous produce and all the ingredients needed for a vibrant and nourishing cooking practice while limiting the distance that food travels.


Our Standards

  • We only buy seasonal fruits and vegetables that were produced here in Lane County. Luckily, we work with many amazing farmers and fresh vegetables are available year round. We work closely with farmers to make sure we’re getting their best quality harvests. We want your experience to be on par with what you would get at the farmers market if you were picking out your own food, so we carefully sort and select out any sub-par produce before packing orders. 
  • When it comes to responsible animal husbandry, it’s all about fresh pasture. Small scale farmers know that animals live their best life on fresh pasture with access to sunlight and fresh water. We personally know all of our meat producers and have visited them on their own pastures.
    All of our poultry, pork, beef, & lamb is raised on fresh pasture with supplemental feed that is non-GMO and milled in Oregon by Union Point Custom Feed in Brownsville or Mosaic Feed in Corvallis, two quality products that we stand behind.
  • We maintain our local sourcing standards even for the contents of the locally processed foods we offer! The ingredients of any pasta, vinegars, breads, oils, sauces that we offer are primarily grown in our local foodshed.
    This commitment means that our customers are supporting the health of our soils and that more of their food dollars are going directly to farmers. A few exceptions to this rule represent widely beloved foods that simply can’t be produced here in the Willamette Valley (like coffee and molasses).
  • It is not enough to discuss the impacts of one’s diet on personal health or the environment at large. We stand with and prioritize purchasing from BIPOC-owned businesses (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and their allies. Oregon has a deep history of racist exclusion which lives on in structural inequalities that continue today and has resulted in the loss of life, land, and opportunity of both the original inhabitants of this land and black and brown immigrants. We believe it is imperative to our integrity that we combat racism, homophobia, and xenophobia and also that we seek accountability as white business owners living on Kalapuya land.
  • Our experience in the field (pun intended) of local food is that when it comes to local, organic isn’t always the gold standard. Of course, when we can, we source from local Organic producers, but we also recognize that there are lots of farmers, ranchers, and processors in our region who use “Organic practices” but for numerous reasons do not have an Organic Certification. Check out our Producer Page for individual farmer certifications. We believe supporting these growers is important not only for our local food economy but also for our local ecosystem. We only source from these farmers when we know that their growing practices enhance soil health, are non-toxic, and when we know they produce high quality products. Sourcing from a variety of growers helps us keep a diversity of items in our shop and allows us to support different types of growers in our precious local food community.


Our Team


Shelley Bowerman smiles in front of a tub of artfully arranged vegetables with Lane County Bounty flyer
Shelley Bowerman
Shelley is all about radical sharing of that farm to table love. Her jam is capturing flavor and food waste from the field as ferments, sauces and preserves. She's a long standing supporter and activist in the local food scene and definitely wants to make you dinner. Shelley started Moondog's Farm with her partner Dan four years ago and launched Lane County Bounty at the onset of the pandemic to help our community get access to the highest quality food the county has to offer safely and conveniently.
Laurie Kensler
Market Manager
Laurie's passion for the outdoors drew her to the farming community years ago, and she's been a local food advocate in a big way ever since. Laurie loves getting her hands in the soil and is still in awe of the growing process- from seed to plate. She's deeply inspired by how farming, food, and community are intertwined and the power that gives us. Outside of LCB, you can find Laurie riding her bike, climbing rocks, going to shows, camping in her van, or spending time with her cats and chickens.