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Current delivery schedule is Tuesdays only
Current Delivery Schedule is Tuesdays Only

Willow & Oak

We steward the land regeneratively to serve our local community. Our goal is to grow high-quality food and florals (Barn Swallow Blossoms) using practices that balance environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We are proudly a pastured poultry operation, meaning that after 2-4 weeks in the brooder, our chickens spend the rest of their lives out in our pastures. Here they always have access to our green fields and fresh air. 

Both our layer and broiler flocks are fed Mosaic Farms feed, a locally sourced non-gmo, no corn & no soy, feed, milled in Philomath OR. Of course, since they are on pasture, they have access to bugs, insects, grass, forbs and weeds. 

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