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Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!
Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!
Paying with SNAP & receiving Bounty Bucks matching funds

Paying with SNAP & receiving Bounty Bucks matching funds

After your SNAP purchase, visit the Bounty Bucks widget to redeem up to $20 in produce credit.

SNAP recipients can now purchase local food with their Oregon Trail Card without leaving home.  For every $1 spent in SNAP/EBT, customers earn 1 in Bounty Bucks points. You can receive up to $20 a day to apply to your next purchase.
It's simple to pay with SNAP EBT.
Select this option in the payment screen and follow the prompts. You will be directed to pay any additional balance with a credit or debit card after you pay with your SNAP balance. 

How to retrieve your Bounty Bucks matching funds. 

After making a purchase with your Oregon Trail Card, visit the Bounty Bucks widget on the bottom left of the screen. Make sure to collect Bounty Bucks points the same day of your purchase. 
At your next purchase, retrieve the discount codes you’d like to use. Copy and paste into the discount code box in the checkout.
  • Bounty Bucks are store credit that can be used to purchase fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms).
  • Your Bounty Bucks are stored as discount codes within the widget.
  • Bounty Bucks will continue to be added to your account until you use them. They expire in 1 year.
  • Maximum amount earned per day is 20 Bounty Bucks.
  • Total purchase price is rounded down to the nearest dollar ($9.99 = 9 Bounty Bucks).


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