SNAP/EBT Now Accepted at Lane County Bounty

SNAP/EBT Now Accepted at Lane County Bounty

Shelley Schuler
 For current EBT/SNAP information, please visit this page.
This informational post is now outdated. 
Our SNAP payment system is being rolled out in two phases and will ultimately include a remote, online payment option. Soon, SNAP customers can also receive at extra $10 in "Bounty Bucks" matching funds.

From our launch in 2020, the team at Lane County Bounty has been inspired to connect our community to healthy, locally grown food. Becoming a SNAP EBT/Retailer is a huge milestone towards increasing the accessibility of our offerings.

Initially, we are only able to accept in-person SNAP payments, which is logistically challenging due to the contactless, delivery nature of our model.

However, we are awaiting final approval from USDA Food & Nutrition Service's Online Purchasing Pilot to include a SNAP payment processor on our website. This will allow SNAP customers to use their Oregon Trail Card online, eliminating the need for an in-person payment. This will allow SNAP customers to choose any delivery or pickup location. 

(Coming Soon) SNAP customers can receive $10 in "Bounty Bucks" a matching funds program. With HUGE thanks to the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, SNAP customers receive a dollar-for-dollar bonus up to $10 towards their next order. We're excited to see benefits extend even further. Stay tuned for this! 

How does it work now?

We have two options for SNAP customers: 

  1. SNAP customers choose the "Santa Clara" pickup location where our office is located and run their card in person.
  2. Home delivery is possible. Customer must be home, and delivery charges cannot be paid with SNAP benefits. 
 How to choose SNAP payment in the checkout:  

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