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Sunshine Flow Medicina de la Tierra - meet Josie Sanchez

Sunshine Flow Medicina de la Tierra - meet Josie Sanchez

Josie Sanchez came to Eugene via Mexico, and San Diego, landing here because she felt that the people of Eugene were seeking to protect and preserve their natural resources and held similar values to her own. Her practice of making medicine began when she connected deeply with a friend at Standing Rock who held a similar passion for plants and the medicine that the earth provides. The two women found an apprenticeship with Starhawk, a renowned writer, herbalist, permaculturalist and activist. 

"I felt an overwhelming feeling when I started to work with herbs, that I was connecting to my heritage, that I was doing exactly what I was suppose to do," says Sanchez. The medicine came together in her hands with ease and intuition. "I never have a recipe, I just sit down with my herbs and listen." 

Josie makes small batches of potent medicine. Some of the herbs she wildcrafts herself, some are grown by local herbalists and farmers whom she trades with for her medicine. Mountain Rose Herbs is another one of her main sources and it is essential to her that the herbs are organically grown and treated with respect in every step of their processing. 

"My hope is that I encourage people to meet plants the way that they meet each other. Each plant has its own personality, a story to tell and medicine to share with us. I often say that I am not the one who can take credit for the medicine I make. The plants should get the credit, they do all of the work!" Sanchez is incredibly humble in her approach, but there is no denying that she brings some magic of her own to this craft. 

Josie makes medicine under the name Sunshine Flow Medicina de la Tierra. "I know, the name is very long! Just like mine," she says. The Sunshine Flow captures the energy that she brings to her work, and the Medicina de la Tierra honors the earth and the magic it provides us with. We have a number of her carefully crafted products in the shop this month, just in time for Valentine's Day! 

Her medicinal CBD Chest Rub is currently her favorite product. "After a long hard year, I was feeling a constant tightness and heaviness in my chest. This rub has helped me soften that feeling, breathe more deeply and open up." The chest rub contains eucalyptus, calendula, mullein, CBD, menthol crystals and rosemary essential oils. 

We are also carrying her Turmeric Mushroom Latte Mix, packed with cacao, maca, rose, lavender and cardamom creating a wholesome elixir that brings strength to the immune system and calm to the mind. Her Prosperity Love and Healing Bath Salt Blend contains rose, lavender and calendula flowers along with rosemary, geranium and lavender essential oils and her Respiratory Tea is rich in Vitamins A and C, antioxidants and deliciously flavored with lemon balm, rose petals, red clover, skull cap and thyme. 

Everything that Josie touches is packed with love, intention and healing properties. We hope that these products can bring sweetness and health into your life in this dark and gloomy time. Sunshine Flow Medicina de la Tierra is here to help us all feel more connected to the earth and to our own complex and magnificent bodies. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we could not have imagined a better Vendor of the Month to feature for this holiday. Spread the love this season with these beautiful, magical treasures! 

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