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Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
Formosa Flower Farm

Formosa Flower Farm

We are so excited to be partnering with Formosa Flower Farm to bring you fresh flowers every week. Angelina Hellar owns and operates Formosa by herself in the River Road neighborhood and is entering her second year of business. 

After completing her degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, Angelina landed at Organic Redneck as one of their interns. She fell in love with the farming lifestyle and spent three years working on different local organic farms before deciding to grow flowers. 

Angelina began growing flowers with Rosie Sweetman, co-owner of Little Wings Farm. Flower farming appealed to Angelina because it allowed her to continue to work with the earth while encouraging her to develop her artistic abilities. 

"Eighty percent of the cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from countries like Ecuador and Columbia. When they come from afar, they have a huge carbon footprint and are sprayed with a bunch of preservative chemicals," Angelina writes on one of her instagram posts. Her background in Environmental Science seeded her interest in organic and sustainable growing practices and helped inform her decision to become a flower farmer and provide the people of Eugene with an environmentally conscious way of enjoying the beauty and joy that fresh flowers exude.

A flower farm depends heavily on events like weddings and graduations to be financially viable so the current pandemic has currently caused a shift in Angelina's business plan. It seems that while our ability to gather and celebrate together has declined, our need for beauty has not. Formosa Flower Farm has experienced a surge in demand for bouquets and is adapting her business to meet it. With the help of Lane County Bounty and a number of other local distribution services, Angelina has been able to continue to grow and expand her offerings. 

You can purchase her small or large bouquets in our shop. Angelina with pick them and arrange them the morning of delivery so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. We hope you will treat yourself to one of Angelina's bouquets and relish in the delight of freshly cut flowers, locally grown and arranged with love. 

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