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Vibe Spray | Black Indigo

Vibe Spray | Black Indigo

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2 oz | Get your vibes right with these mood enhancing and aura cleansing sprays. Spray it anywhere you want to uplift and invoke the senses to inspire, love, wisdom, and presentness. Keep it in your car, keep it in your purse, have it on the nightstand, keep it on your altar or sacred space, definitely spritz your lover.

Ingredients: Distilled water, 100 proof grain alcohol, Essential Oils.

"Black Indigo"

(Divine feminine, earth, water, fire and ether/air, Alchemy, deep stillness, death, rebirth, transformation, shedding, healing, becoming, deep dark void, face shadow for truth and wisdom, unlearn, deprogram, unplugged, creatix out of the matrix, starseed, light worker, grid worker, source, oneness, multiverse, futurism, multidimensional, astral travel, wordless, formless, infinite)