Lela's Vibe Sprays - 2 oz

Lela Sky


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Get your vibe right with these mood enhancing and aura cleansing sprays. Spray them anywhere you want to uplift and invoke inspiration, love and wisdom. Keep one in your car, keep it in your purse, have it on the nightstand and keep it on your altar or sacred space! Lela has crafted five unique blends, each one infused with a different blend of scents and intentions. Choose the one that calls to you!

Jaguar Magik - Sage and Rosemary, divine feminine earth and fire elements. Root and Solar plexus chakra stimulation. For internal power, abundance, connection to ancestors

Divine Goddess - Rose Geranium, divine masculine and feminine in balance, water and air elements, sacral and third eye chakra stimulation. For expression of beauty, creative and sexual energy.

Rise Up - Geranium and Lemongrass, divine masculine energy. Solar plexus chakra stimulation. For focus, determination, confidence.

Black Indigo - Ylang Ylang and Palo Santo, divine feminine energy. Earth, water, fire and air energy for deep stillness, rebirth, truth, wisdom and connection to infinite, formless astral energy.

Aura Uplift - Rose and Frankincense, divine feminine and masculine energy balanced. Opens the heart chakra. Revitalizing, celebratory, sexy, abundant and recalibrating.

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