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5-6 oz wedge | Chubut (pronounced choo-boot) is a mild and buttery semi-hard cheese from Argentina that's made from pasteurized cows milk and aged 2 months. Great fresh or for melting, it pairs well with fruits and breads.

"Black Pepper" has zesty black peppercorns throughout the wedge for a nice kick of flavor.

"Herbs" is made with parsley, garlic, and chives- a mellow blend that makes these cheese very versatile.

La Mariposa cheeses are handcrafted in Albany by Mariano Battro, who has brought his Argentinian roots to the art of cheesemaking here in the Willamette Valley. He uses grade A cow's milk from Lochmead Dairy in Junction City, which has been producing dairy for 80 years with cows that graze freely and are supplementally fed while milking. They grow 80 percent of their own feed.