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Get bounty delivered every Tuesday & Friday!

Ground Down Tincture

Ground Down Tincture

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1 fl oz | This formula is full is of herbs that support, nourish, and build the nervous sytem. In this modern age, it is easy to get lost in the overstimulation and overwhelmed. Use this blend to soften your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and sink a little deeper into the seat of your spine.


Milky Oat Tops are a tonic for the nervous system

Chamomile relaxes and calms the nerves

Rose supports being heart centered and soothes the nerves

Hops is a relaxing nervine

Kava Kava is calming and grounding


Suggest Use

.5 - 1 dropperful throughout day for a general calming and relaxing effect



cane alcohol*, coconut sourced glycerin*, water, milky oat tops*, chamomile*, hops*, kava kava*, roses^, yarrow^, licorice*

organic*      ethically wild-harvested^   

**All herbs were sourced within 300 miles of Eugene, OR