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Breathe Easy Tincture

Breathe Easy Tincture

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1 fl oz | The herbal notes are osha with a little bit of lemon balm. It has the effect that peppermint does (that expansive feeling in the sinuses and lungs).

This formula is a potent antimicrobial and antibacterial, helping combat respiratory infection. Being a vaso-dialator, it expands the capillaries in the lungs and assists in easier, deeper breathing. 


Usnea helps resolve bacterial and viral infections

Oshala relieves sore throats, open and clears the lungs, and helps speed rovers from viral infections

Western Red Cedar helps speed healing of acute respiratory infections

Lemon Balm relaxes tense muscles

Mullein stimulates the flow of mucus to clear and open the lungs and sinuses

Licorice eases dry cough and sore throat


Suggested Use

.5 dropper for daily maintenance during cold season and fire season 

1 dropper 2-3x/day when combatting respiratory issues



cane alcohol*, coconut sourced glycerin*, water, usnea^, oshala^, western red cedar^, lemon balm^, mullein*, licorice*

organic*      ethically wild-harvested^  

**All herbs were sourced within 300 miles of Eugene, OR