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Omnivore's Bounty Box | Four Boxes | Bi-Weekly



A 100% local grocery box subscription! Includes four weeks overflowing with organic produce, pastured meats, and locally-grown pantry items. We publish a list of box items via our newsletter to support your meal planning.

“It’s just the most wonderful thing in the world”

~ A happy customer

Bounty Box Information

What's in a Bounty Box?

Produce Bounty Box: Contains six to eight seasonal produce items, including fresh-cut leafy greens, top-notch vegetables, flavorful fruits & herbs. ($25/week)

Omnivore's Bounty Box: All the produce box contents, plus a glorious selection of frozen and shelf-stable goods including diverse meat cuts and grounds; grain products like polenta, wild rice & pastas, and canned goods and spices like heirloom tomatoes sauce and dried herbs. ($56/week)

Delivery is $9 a week for Bounty Box Members

Notes on the Sign Up Process:

  • You can't have other items in your cart when you purchase a subscription.
  • For customers opting for home delivery, note that the charge for all four deliveries ($9 each) is included as part of the product cost. The "delivery" option will display as free in the checkout.
  • We will provide a discount code for delivery customers to avoid paying extra delivery fees. 
  • Our order deadlines still apply; for instance, a Bounty Box for Tuesday Delivery purchased on a Monday will be fulfilled the following week. 
  • You can opt-in to receive our newsletter containing Bounty Box contents during the checkout process.

Food Allergies

True food allergies can be recorded in the "notes" section of the check-out and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note this does not pass for food preferences (i.e. please no broccoli!) 

Vacation Credits, Gift Card Exchange, or Cancellations

If you are unable to receive a Bounty Box, we can delay, reschedule or exchange its value for a Lane County Bounty gift card. (Seven days notice kindy requested for changes). We can cancel your next payment at any time, but we cannot issue refunds for prepaid boxes.