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Fall Bath Salts | 12 oz. Jar

Audri the Alchemist

The triple layered Fall Bath Salts are magic. Each layer's scents compliment each other and the colors blend and create a unique bath ritual experience. The yellow layer is golden shimmer dusted and scented with frankincense essential oil, orange essential oil, and charged with a Carnelian gemstone. The orange layer smells of orange and cinnamon leaf essential oil with star anise. The red base layer smells of clove and has clove buds, a pinch of cinnamon and star anise. I added Vitamin E oil to soothe skin. This triplet includes Himalayan salt, sea salt and Epson Salt. The combination works magic on your body and aura. This jar is good for 2 to 3 baths and can be enjoyed in individual layers or shaken up and used together.

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