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Current Delivery Schedule is Tuesdays Only
Pierogis - the perfect comforting meal for chilly nights

Pierogis - the perfect comforting meal for chilly nights

I love dumplings, in any shape, any size, with any filling. Each time I return home to San Francisco, I make a point to visit Xiao Long Bao, a cramped, Chinese dumpling spot on Geary St. in the Inner Richmond neighborhood. The women working there are notoriously mean and will yell at you if you take too long deciding which kind of steamed, pan fried, or deep fried dumpling you want. At Katchka in Portland, I fill my belly with pelemeni, tiny, hexagonal dumplings filled with farmers cheese, seasoned ground meat or sour cherries. These Russian dumplings are served in smetlana (thick European sour cream) or floating in a garlicky broth. No matter where they are from, I want them. This passionate dumpling affection led me to pursue making a dumpling of my own, one that is connected to my Polish and Lithuanian heritage: the Pierogi. 

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