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Lady Autumn Mashed Potatoes

Lady Autumn Mashed Potatoes

My mother is a terrible cook, she knows it, we all know it. My Aunt Kerry, on the other hand, spent years cooking professionally, running her own catering business and honing her skills in the kitchen. For months at a time, Kerry would come and live at our house and we would eat like kings and queens. She was the first person to teach me about cooking, to show me how to choose a perfect avocado, how to make a beurre blanc, how to tend each ingredient with care and attention. This is her mashed potato recipe. It is simple but it is also superior to any mashed potatoes I've met in my life. The trick is a making a flavorful fried shallot oil and mashing that in with three varieties of potatoes, plenty of butter and cream cheese. I mean, come on!?

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