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Current delivery schedule is Tuesdays only
Current Delivery Schedule is Tuesdays Only
The Whiteaker Market and supporting BIPOC in our community

The Whiteaker Market and supporting BIPOC in our community

It is a time to take action.

This week we will be donating 20% of sales to the Whiteaker Market. Why did we chose the Whiteaker Market? We know there are thousands of places this money could go and do good right now, but because Lane County Bounty is all about helping our local economy thrive, it felt important to chose an organization with a local impact.

Shyrra, owner of Yarbs and Roots

Claire Schectman, who started the market three years ago, goes out of her way to find BIPOC vendors. This is what anti-racism work looks like. It does not happen overnight and it does not stop with a donation. It takes continued action and intention.


Claire, the founder of the Whiteaker Market 

Claire created Amplify, a professional development series that helps vendors expand their offerings, utilize social media platforms and e-commerce to increase sales, and more. Her passion for supporting diversity has had an immense positive impact in our community and we want to help her expand that. 



The money we donate to the Whiteaker Market this week will do the following things: 

-Sponsor BIPOC vendors to help them pay for the expensive insurance and booth fees needed to vend

-Sponsor vendors with a year of free Amplify Courses 

-Pay women of color to teach Amplify Courses

We will also begin a collaboration with the Whiteaker Market to feature a vendor of the month in our online store. Stay tuned for more information on the vendor for June in our next newsletter! Thank you for shopping locally and helping us build a better, stronger, more open minded and thriving community that goes out of its way to help people of color thrive. 

Bri, owner of de la Terracotta 


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