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Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
Season Launch, February 2020

Season Launch, February 2020

Much happens during this time of winter dormancy, things like crop planning, and rest, and thinking how to approach the new year. Especially in small-scale situations, farmers are under lots of pressure to be a super-hero; to be a field warrior, a marketing wiz; and a business manager. So we’ve spent this winter designing systems that support us personally, which will translate into another successful farm season.

We’re thrilled to have greens in the ground currently. We’ll be bringing chicories and herbs, mustard bunches and salad mix to the Winter Farmer's Market.

Eating seasonally allows us to enjoy new and fresh flavors, especially in the cool months. Cilantro is often associated with the summer when tomatoes and peppers are around… but it does so well in the cooler months here in Oregon. And the bitter greens that have been holding in the field like Sugarloaf Borca and Radicchio develop new complexities and sweetness.

We’re returning to market with lots of fresh greens as well as our chili power and chili sauce, made from the insanely flavorful Cañoncito pepper. Additionally, we replenished our garlic powder supply.

A note about us: Not many folks know that we got into farming as organic seed growers. We prioritize open-source varieties in our crop planning, because maintaining regional seed sovereignty is critical to agricultural resilience. And ultimately, we are in this for the long-game, to maintain a fantastic and nutrient-dense food supply for this community no matter what climactic or geo-political crisis we may face in the coming decade.

WIth great joy, we look forward to another season farming with you. 



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