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Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!
Local food delivered every Tuesday & Friday!
Meet the Crew: The Babes Behind the Bounty

Meet the Crew: The Babes Behind the Bounty

 Hello Lovely Friends of Lane County Bounty! 
As we enter into our 5th month of business, we felt it was about time that we introduced ourselves. 


Shelley "The Dirt" Bowerman is about radical sharing of that farm to table love. Her jam is capturing flavor and food waste from the field as ferments, sauces and preserves. She's a long standing supporter and activist in the local food scene and definitely wants to make you dinner. Shelley started Moondog's Farm with her partner Dan four years ago and launched Lane County Bounty at the onset of the pandemic to help our community get access to the highest quality food the county has to offer safely and conveniently. 


Sherman "The Sure" Sherman is a local food advocate. She works for numerous local farmers and loves helping get those fresh local flavors to the people. She also believes it's important that we (as a country) elevate the value we place in food and the people who grow, harvest and process it! Sherman is a founder of Lane County Bounty and helps with all of the nitty gritty. She can be found in the warehouse packing orders and making sure that every item that goes out maintains the highest standard and in the office, crunching numbers and making sure everything is running smoothly. 

Michaela "The Hammer" Hammer gets her kicks from shepherding produce from seed to field to market, working her tush off under the open skies and eating straight off of the plant (no hands!). She's also living her longtime cowgirl dream by keeping over 500 thousand honeybees in the valley. Michaela is our Warehouse Manager and does all of the ordering, packing and oversight of the products that you receive. 

Gracie "The Sauce" Schatz manages promotion, social media, and this blog for Lane County Bounty. She owns and operates Heart of Willamette Cooking School and has worked in the food industry for 13 years, starting at the Urban Farm and working her way into restaurants in San Francisco, on to farms in Italy and Nevada City, into butcher shops and fish markets (Newman's) and eventually finding her sweet spot as a cooking instructor and community builder right here in Eugene. She loves nothing more than turning whatever is in her fridge and garden into a feast to share with friends, neighbors, family and strangers. 


Together we work hard to help you get access to the best food the county has to offer without leaving your house. We love this food and the people who grow and produce it and we love this community and hope to see it thrive as we nourish and support ourselves and each other. Thank you for being a part of this journey! 

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