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Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
Local food delivered Tuesday & Friday every week!
In times of need, the farmer's market can come to you.

In times of need, the farmer's market can come to you.

Introducing a brand-new online ordering service for Lane County offering produce, meat, and other locally-grown items.

Slow Food can lead us to greater resiliency in the face of change and crisis. 

In our current epidemic, our dependency and delight in good food can rise above the panic. By growing, sharing, and supporting Slow Food, we create many solutions all at once. We nurture our bodies, our spirits, this soil, and our connections to one another.

Across Lane County, farmers and ranchers grow an incredible abundance of produce, meat, and grain. This producers' community brings deep ethic to food production, and inspired my own pursuit of the small farm dream. 

Plus, by keeping resource networks small and local, we are able to adapt more quickly to regional changes. We have a rich local food culture and history in Lane County. And this community of food producers needs you just as much as you are dependent on food. This is truly a case of resiliency requiring community.

See what's available today

Offering local food online 

I launched an online store on my farm's website last night. It's something I've been tinkering with for awhile, but with the possibility of farmer's market shutdowns and the wholesale (restaurant) business slowing, we needed to react quickly to create a new way to get the food that is growing (right now!) to customers. 

This initiative is meant to be an outlet for the many local farms that are needing a new way to connect with their customers. Please stay in the loop — we will be expanding the available products and producers in the coming weeks. 

A back-burner idea and past attempts to bring local food online

In my heart, I believe organized community and cooperative business could change the world. And I'm not alone. Several attempts have been made to aggregate locally grown goods over the years, like WFFC's Lane Local Foods which ran for several years.

As a beginning farmer, I see the value in modernizing local food sales while keeping our production "Slow". In the winter of 2019, I worked towards the launch of a new online marketplace that me and my collaborators called Lane County Bounty. But when spring heated up, my own farm's needs eclipsed the possibility of a new enterprise, and I dove deep into my role at Moondog's.

This past week, I've worked a few late nights to build an online storefront at based on this concept. This is an immediate need in our community right now and the name and logo is really just semantics. 

If interested, please demonstrate your support by purchasing from local producers through our current online store. If demand for this service continues to grow, we can bring Lane County Bounty to life. 

Thank you!



Please contact with inquiries:  

(541) 337-7528

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